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A rolling stone gathers no moss - an old saying which proves to be true in many situations. Enclosed you'll find my new blog with thoughts and inspirations around marketing, communication and personality. Enjoy, learn and try a few things out - I am looking forward to your feedback!

How you can push your personal development and improve team communication with one simple tool

We all have been in the situation of getting feedback from our colleagues or supervisors and sure enough have given feedback to someone else. The feelings associated with feedback may vary between feeling grateful and optimistic to feeling unappreciated, misunderstood or even hurt. Feedback is a powerful and very effective tool – however at the same time it is that one tool that is most often used incorrectly. Let me show you the idea behind feedback and the correct steps of using it! Read on...

3 Ways To Change Your Thinking Patterns In Difficult Situations

Today I want to share three insights that have helped me change my thinking patterns in difficult and emotional situations at work, at home, and even with friends. Often enough we are stuck in certain thinking patterns, and from these patterns problems start to grow and fixate themselves in our daily thinking. Soon enough we are stuck with a problem and do not even realize how much energy it takes from us. A change of perspective can often do wonders – convince yourself and read on!

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Gain Customer and Employee Loyalty Through Branding

A Brand – What is This Exactly?!

While quite a few companies have come to realize the importance and the impact of a brand, others still think of a brand as something dispensable. Yet a brand is neither a trend nor something that you choose once in a while. A brand sums up your corporate identity and demonstrates the values you stand for. Brands affect employee recruitment to a big extent. Read on to find out some thoughts on why it is worthwhile to invest in a business brand!

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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation

The long anticipated vacation is just around the corner, and our expectations for the perfect holiday are high. We are looking forward to sleeping in and planning to do nothing more than read, relax, and eat delicious food. Weirdly enough though, instead of coming back completely rejuvenated, we often feel like we didn’t make the most out of our vacation.

Here are some ideas to get the most you can out of your vacation...

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10 golden rules for surviving trade shows

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working as a representative at a trade show on a booth knows that shows are tough business, especially for our legs and feet. In order to survive several days at a show and still look smart and refreshed try to follow these tips and tricks:

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Why content marketing is just like a cup of cappuccino

The newest SIM blog entry on SOTGC is all about content marketing. So sit back, relax, and take a sip of that delicious cappuccino!

Content is paying attention and listening
. Always. Anywhere. Everywhere. And that is what I am doing this exact moment as I write. My site of crime: the liveliest place around – a busy café in downtown Augsburg, Germany. Read more...


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Color Matters!

Color matters and are therefore serious business - as currently happening with Unilever and Beiersdorf. What's the deal? Likewise with brands, colors can be protected by patent by the German Brand and Patent Council. Up until today the Nivea-blue was patented by Beiersdorf - however Unilever has requested the cancelation of the patent. The Federal Court of Justice will now decide on Thurday about the future of the or not blue?!

Enclosed a nice infografik concerning the importance of brand colors

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