The beginning

It all started with the fascination and passion for everything evolving around marketing and public relations. How does marketing work? Why are some companies more successful with their marketing and communication activites than others? And what are the key factors when it comes to public relations?


While I found many answers and new ways I discovered that small and middle-sized companies busied themselves with the same questions but got stuck somewhere along the way due to time or ressource deficits.


That is how Simply in Motion was born because its stands for the natural forward movement and development. "Life exits in movements" is what Aristoteles already discovered and the same is still true today.


Depending on the support you need, Simply in Motion offers you customized solutions right from the consultancy to the realization of your marketing activities.

Why is the humming bird a part of SiM?

While taking in food, the hummingbird remains in complete movement and flaps its wings around 40 - 50 times per second. That is a sensational performance with which no other bird can compete.


During all that time the humminbird is able to switch positions easily or remain in the exact same position - no other animal could therefore work better for Simply in Motion.