10 golden rules for surviving trade shows

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working as a representative at a trade show on a booth knows that shows are tough business, especially for our legs and feet. In order to survive several days at a show and still look smart and refreshed try to follow these tips and tricks:

Time for a break!

Make sure that before the show starts you discuss with your booth team certain times for breaks. Smiling all day, being attentive and discussing specific issues can be more tiring than juggling three things parallel at the office. Therefore grab the chance to talk a walk and most importantly: Get some fresh air – your body and your brain cells will thank you.


Hungry Jack

There is only one thing to remember: Eat often and always in small portions. That way you’ll never feel stuffed and consequently tired. With everything you eat: Try to stick to healthy food. Nothing will pull you more down than greasy, fast cooked food.


These shoes are made for walkin’

One thing up front: Stay away from wearing new shoes for the first time at the show! If you have a new pair, wear them in ahead of time. I personally am a big fan of taking several pair of shoes with me. That way I can always vary whenever the most comfortable shoe starts to hurt my feet. What you should definitely pack are band-aids for blisters and gel-pads. Once you use them – you never want to miss them. Last but not least: Heals or no heals? I have seen at more and more shows that women are starting to choose flats or pumps with little heals over high heels. I personally find that trend worth an applause, because honestly: You are pretty and smart – even without high heels. And your feet will thank you.


Drink, drink, drink

Unfortunately the air in the halls at trade shows is really not the best and usually pretty dry. Try to drink as much as possible, preferably water, herbal tea or anything without too much sugar in it to keep your body and mind fresh and attentive.


Mints rule

Nothing is worse than speaking with someone you fear is going to drop dead any minute due to a certain undefined smell coming out of their mouth. Try to keep fresh by primarily drinking water or other drinks with a little sugar and try to keep your mints ready when needed. You should avoid chewing gum because chewing anything in front of a customer really doesn’t leave a good impression. Those good old mints are much more discreet, therefore mints rule.


Keep it tight, baby

Ladies, relax. I am not going to tell you to squeeze into tiny skirts or business suits. I am speaking of something that undeservingly hasn’t been pretty trendy in the world of fashion: Compression tights. If you are prone for swollen legs and feet while being up all day, these will do wonders for you. Nowadays they come in all colors and really don’t look much different from regular tights. Invest your money in two or three good pairs – you won’t regret it a day.


Wiggle, wiggle

While standing at the booth you can do some small exercises in order to keep your feet fresh. Go ahead and wiggle your feet from heel to toe back and forth about 20 times. That will help your blood circulation and prevents tired feet.


Grab a chair

Whenever you have the chance take your visitors to a high table or a meeting corner while discussion a product or an application and offer them something to drink. Most visitors will gladly accept the possibility to sit and rest and you will have a chance to take short break from standing.


Time for wellness

Once you have reached the hotel, take some time to care for your tortured feet. A foot massage with a massage ball will do wonders, especially if you combine it with a warm foot bath with sea salt or peppermint tea. If you prefer a cold bath – go for that. It really depends on what your body tells you. Finish up your wellness routine by putting your feet up – you will feel the difference the next day.



After a long day of working at the booth give your body the chance to rejuvenate by taking a good long nap. It is tempting to stay out for a couple of drinks (or even some more!) with your working colleagues but you will feel neither refreshed nor very alert on the next morning. Concerning alcohol: Try to keep the amount as low as possible and rather invest in something refreshing for your body.

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