Part 5: Time Management


You have come this far - you have set your goals, you have planned your tasks and have dealt with them as well. What comes next? Naturally the one thing that keeps us motivated: The reward.

When we talk about a reward system we have to differentiate into two different motivation types: The intrinsic and the extrinsic type.


The intrinsic motivation type is someone who is motivated by the degree of self-fulfillment from their work. This type is enthused by work and/or for a special topic just by the fact that they learn something new. For motivation this type visualizes the big goal and lives by the claim: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it" (Walt Disney). This motivation is often accompanied by a high power of concentration, persistence and absorption into the material.


In contrast, the extrinsic motivation type is motivated by its surrounding. For this type rewards, positive feedback and recognition is the motivation elixir. After finishing a certain task/project this type needs a reward directly, in order to keep up their motivation since the mere visualization of the goal isn't sufficient for them.


If you belong to the intrinsic motivation type you should take care to formulate your goals interesting and diversified. Pay attention to the SMART formular at the same time - no one has climbed on Mount Everest overnight.

If you find yourself to be more the extrinsic motivation type you should make sure that you reward yourself regularly and break down your big goal into smaller goals.


Which motivation type are you? What experiences have you made so far?



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