Part 3 Continued: Time Management

In my last blog you learned something about prioritizing your tasks - the Pareto Principle and the Eisenhower Decision Principle are perfect tools for that.

What should my check list look like however? I got this questions from several blog readers which triggered me into showing you a few useful tools.

You know your simple check list. In order to plan you can use something called a week planner, in which you list all your dates and tasks. Be careful to consider the 60/40-rule while planning!

Check out for a few simple templates.

For all those who are in a constant creative conflict with lines and squares, check out the Super Planer. This tool will give you enough room to list your tasks any way you like.

Furthermore you also have the possibility to prep up your organizer with post-its. Here you'll find some fun and creative post-its that'll bring you through the day

Now it is up to you so start planing, sticking and writing down all the things that need to be noted down!