Part 3: Time Management

List your to do's / Prioritize

You have defined and planned your goals. Now it's time to set up check lists with your tasks and to prioritize them.

The Pareto Principle

This principle states, that roughly 20% of your tasks are so effective, that they result in 80% effect. Speaking in terms of business, 20% of your clients bring 80% of your sales.


What effect has that on time management?

We have to define the 20% of our tasks that have the most effect on our defined goals. In a reverse conclusion, we have to distance ourselves from the 80% less important tasks and focus only on the remaining 20%.

Another good tool for priorization is the Eisenhower Decision Principle.

The Eisenhower Decision Principle

This principle divides tasks into four different categories.

A-taks: Important and urgent

We have to give our undivided attention directly to these tasks, since they are both important and urgent for our goals.


B-tasks: Important but not urgent

These tasks are perfect for our time planer since they are not urgent but still important enought to be looked after.


C-tasks: Unimportant but urgent

These tasks should be taken care of immediately but not essentially by us. These are things that we can delegate to co-workers or employees.


D-tasks: Unimportant and not urgent

These tasks are neither important nor urgent and will bring us thus no closer to our goal. The best thing to do with these things: Use your wastepaper!